1870 : The American Zalmon G. Simmons assembled a metal carcass made up of springs and covered it with a cotton tablecloth: this was the birth of the spring mattress. Quickly, the springs were put inside bags and so the legendary Quiétude suspension was born.

1919 : Simmons finally abandoned the cheese box business and created his Company. The first pocket spring machine was developed. It was the end of the handicraft era. 

1929 : The Simmons mattress crossed the Atlantic aboard the famous steamers Le Normandy and Le France for which he had equipped the cabins. The brand then was set up in France. The French discovered this exceptional suspension and embraced the incomparable comfort it provided.

The French know-how

Mindful of the importance of restful sleep, Simmons offers the best of its know-how to developing the most advanced technologies and working with the most noble materials.

All 100% Made in France! Simmons models are handcrafted and carefully assembled in our French factories.

Simmons 'Secret of Comfort' : The Pocket Spring

This unique technology, patented by Simmons, is the secret of bedding with exceptional comfort. Each spring is individually inserted into a non-woven bag that is hypoallergenic, aerated, bactericidal and high strength. Ultrasonically welded, the pocket springs are linked to each other on the sides and not on the surface. A perfect sleeping independence in all the positions so that everyone benefits from the sweetest sleep!
Improving your sleep quality and bringing you well-being and comfort is what has been driving Simmons for more than 80 years.


Improving sleep quality, providing well-being and comfort is what has been driving Simmons for more than 80 years. The French brand works with traditional methods, in its workshops in France at Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux and Bar sur Aube.

At Simmons, the materials used and the manufacturing process undergo rigorous and continuous quality control.

As such, Simmons mattresses and bed bases have a 5-year warranty (excluding exhibition models).

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