How to choose a new bedding ?

This is an important decision that commits the quality of a couple's sleep for 10 years. So this is a choice that we must make as a couple.

We will share our bedding for 10 years. It is imperative to choose and try it together. In case of large morphological differences, the choice of 2 mattresses with different firmness is a good solution.

Should we change the mattress and the bad base at the same time ?

A new mattress on an old bed base will degrade quickly, because it will not do its share in suspension terms. It will have to be replaced after 5 years instead of 10. It is an expensive economy.

Is a bed base useful ?

It's absolutely essential! The suspension of the mattress and the bed base is highly stressed. If you removed the bed base that provides one-third of the efforts of suspension, the mattress alone would need to support the sleepers' movements and will wear much faster. In addition, if the mattress is placed directly on the floor, the air will not flow under the mattress and there is a very significant risk of mould growing.

What dimensionfor my bedding ?

The French tradition for a couple is the mattress 140 cm wide. This does not bring the best comfort. The 160 cm wide mattress allows you to sleep better, without hindering or being bothered by your partner. A simple solution is to have two mattresses and two bed bases 80 cm wide. It is then possible to choose a different firmness for each mattress.

For a single person, a mattress 90 cm wide is suitable but 1 metre wide is more comfortable. For a single person, a mattress 90 cm wide is suitable but 1 metre wide is more comfortable. For the length, the new generations are taller and one must add 15 cm more to the length than the height of the sleeper. For a teenager of 1. 85 m, it is necessary to provide a mattress 2 m long.

Is bedding important for sleep ?

Several studies in Europe have shown that a population of bad sleepers can recover between 40 and 50 minutes of sleep by replacing a 10 year-old bed with a new one.

A bedding lasts 10 years maximum: advertising or reality ?

We spend a third of our life lying down:  we turn about 40 times a night and the mattress and the bed base will have their suspension tested 150,000 times after 10 years. Even a good quality product will see its performance deteriorate. A 20% decrease in performance leads to the loss of almost an hour of sleep. It is necessary to regularly change the mattress and the bed base to maintain good sleep and avoid back pain.

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