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Feeling Soft Mattress

Simmons offers the Feeling Firm mattress from the Beautyrest Sensory Collection.A collection dedicated to your well-being and conceived in collaboration with the French Federation of Physiotherapists.


  • Accueil : Soft
  • Hauteur : 30 cm
  • Confort : Mid firm
  • Technologies : SENSOFT EVOLUTION


• Provides a wrap-around comfort and medium-firm support
• Mattress height:30 cm
• Made in France
• No Flip® system eliminates the need to turn it over each season
• The Collection was designed in collaboration with the French Federation of Masseurs and Physiotherapists (FFMKR)
• Perfect sleeping independence thanks to Sensoft Evolution pocket springs
• Thermo-responsive memory foam that perfectly conforms to the body's natural shapes and relieves pressure points
• Quallofil fibrefill By Dacron is a high-tech filler: it quickly wicks away moisture for a healthy sleep.Its high resilience allows a perfect maintenance of the body.


Sensoft Evolution® Ultimate Firm Suspension 
Designed in collaboration with the French Federation of Physiotherapists (FFMKR), Sensoft Evolution® Ultimate springs
• Designed in a specific alloy
• Provide ideal and progressive support and adapt to all morphologies
• Allow optimal air circulation and maintain linear temperature. Sleeping face:
• Aquasens padding (150 gr/m2)
• Quallofil fibrefill Allerban®(300 gr/m2)
• Biosens tickling
• Memory foam 4 cm Ultra Soft, density 42 kg/m3
• Flexible comfort foam 3 cm, density 23 kg/m3 Technical Face:
• Tript'Air® ticking, internal network of micro-cushions of air

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