Bed bases

"Because choosing the bed base is fundamental, Simmons offers a wide range of bed bases with slats, pocket springs as well as those with storage What is the role of the bed base? Every night the suspension of the mattress and of the bed base is put to hard work. If you removed the bed base that provides one-third of the efforts of suspension, the mattress alone would need to support the sleepers' movements and will wear much faster. In addition, if the mattress is placed directly on the floor, the air will not flow under the mattress and there is a very significant risk of mould growing. To guarantee a quality of sleep, we recommend changing your bed base and mattress at the same time. Should we change the mattress and the bed base at the same time? Absolutely! A new mattress on an old bed base will degrade quickly, because it will not do its share in suspension terms. It will have to be replaced after 5 years instead of 10. It is an expensive economy. "

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